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Indira Paganotto

Indira Paganotto was born in 1992 and is at the moment one of Spain's most iconic and recognisable artists. Indira has had the most eclectic musical upbringing. Her father, a DJ in the 80's, was her educator and his collection of disco, jazz, acid house and goa music was the perfect library for the girl from Madrid. Her sets are full of elegance and effusive danceability, with a quality selection that brings us from minimal to the most current underground techno music.

Wherever or whenever, her style is energetic, regardless of whether it is hard or soft. This energetic eclecticism has become her signature trait, together with a constant smile!

In the last 12 months, Indira’s rise has been unstoppable: from headlining all major clubs and events, such as Space Miami, Awakenings, Tomorrowland Main Stage, Circoloco, Amnesia Ibiza, EXIT festival, Shelter Amsterdam, Fabric London, EDC Las Vegas, Thuishaven, Bar Americas, Nordstern, Cavo Paradiso, DC-10, and many others, touring USA, Asia, India – every corner of the world you can imagine, Indira’s become a well known name across the globe. Often combining very diverse sounds, Indira impeccably manages to capture the audience’s attention. Her trademark, psy-trance mixed with techno, has nowadays become a synonym for her.


Born and raised in Belgium’s capital Brussels, Marhu emerged as new talent in the underground electronic music scene. Having both Swiss and Belgian heritage, her artistic journey has been enriched with diverse cultural influences. Her journey into music production was sparked by a profound fascination with the iconic acid synthesiser, the tb303, which left an indelible mark on her early works.

Recognized as an ’emerging act’ on Beatportal’s radar in 2022, Marhu is hailed as one of Belgium’s most promising DJs and producers.

Continuously pushing creative boundaries, Marhu has been carving out a distinct niche that blends Psy Trance with Techno. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of influences, she infuses her productions with elements of world music, particularly drawn to Japanese instruments for their unique sound. Marhu’s approach to DJing is equally captivating. In her sets she really prioritises storytelling, engaging in connections with her audience through infectious positivity and jumpy, boundless energy.

Debuting on ASY*S’ iconic FeChrome label, Marhu quickly made waves with her distinctive sound. Interestingly, her background as an international horse rider for many years infuses her music with a unique connection to nature and animals. This connection often manifests in cheeky ways, such as the subtle sound of a horse’s breath at the start of her ‘Spark’ radio show episodes.

Marhu’s discography boasts releases on labels such as Fe Chrome and HE.SHE.THEY where her tracks showcase a fusion of pounding kick drums, intoxicating acid synths, and always have that energy pumping. Collaborating with techno luminary ASY*S on tracks like ‘Hooked,’ Marhu has demonstrated her versatility and innovation as a producer.

For 2024, Marhu’s debut on Electric Ballroom is inspired by Brussels iconic Opera monument “La Monnaie”. It’s a blend of bittersweet melodies and epic orchestral elements, creating a powerful sense of grandeur and drama. On the flip side Marhu serves “Whisper Of Youth”, a modern uptempo Techno affair.

Marhu’s performances have captivated audiences worldwide, with performances at venues and festivals including Extrema Outdoor, Dour Festival, Rex Club, and Love Parade Berlin. Her 2024 gigs at Close Weekend in Oberhausen and I Love Techno in Montpellier underscore her status as one of the ‘ones to watch’ on the rise.

So stay tuned because this is Marhu: Energising Audiences Worldwide with Psy Trance Infused Techno.


SUMIA is a young talented worldwide artist from Istanbul's techno scene. She appeared on stage in many shows abroad in addition to a number of well-attended international festivals. SUMIA, who has played in festivals all over the world, particularly in countries like Italy, Serbia, United States,Colombia, Spain , Malta, Jordan, Albania etc., on stages run by major event companies.

Her releases from international record labels like BlackWorks, Finder , Fever , Volx Community & Records, ARTCORE records and many more. Also with İndira Paganotto’s record label ARTCORE she promising the be in family. She is also the creator of the Istanbul-based techno music record label Volx Community & Records. She is the main owner of the company and the event management company. She doesn’t just release the music; she also supports the performers. In a short period of time, the talented 24-year-old has managed to secure the support of several respected prominent producers. Additionally, under the leadership of Volx community’s founder, SUMIA, they a donation album for the earthquake victims with 6 international producers.

Her music is supported by well-known figures like Parfait, Matrixxman, İndira Paganotto etc. Some of the songs she released in her debut year were a result of her collaboration with numerous record labels from other countries. Her debut EP premiered at number eight on the Beatport platform and spent the first three months in the top 100 of all music genres. She claims that her music “expresses my emotions.” She also claims that her tracks are musically storytelling that represent her vision.Whether its dark and pounding , or happy and uplifting, they have one thing in common, which is the through a magical journey to whole new reality.

Raw synths, deep vocals which she records by herself are some of the key elements of her sound. Despite her young age, her hardwork , passion and dedication for music let her share decks and line ups with some of big names like : Charlotte De Witte , Matrixxman , Nina Kraviz , Indira Paganotto , Lee Ann Roberts, Enrico Sangiuliano, MCMLXXXV, Nur Jaber , Stella Bossi, Charlie Sparks , Dj Bone , DVS1 , Stephan Bodzin , Agents of time , Sebastien Leger , Julian Jeweil , Alex Stein, Luigi Madonna, Otta, Cosmic Boys , Tiger Stripes and more… And many B2b shows with İndira Paganotto, Charlie Sparks , Loren and more. And had a remixes from respectful artists like Matrixxman , Dstm etc.. The up-and-coming artist, who is quickly rising to the top of the techno scenes, is eager to share their upcoming new tracks with the ravers.


Italian DJ and producer VALENTINØ makes his debut on ARTCORE this February, with a killer 2 track original release showcasing his trademark hypnotic melodies and frenetic rhythms. With past releases on Second State, Suara and Materia, he also is the co-founder of Mantra Club in Genoa and runs his own label Overtime Records. You’ll find him playing some of the ARTCORE Showcases that Indira Paganotto announced last month, alongside Indira herself, Chris Liebing, Ben Klock...

From the brooding beginnings of ‘Baba Baby’ it becomes clear that whilst VALENTINØ has sought to embody the ARTCORE aesthetic within the EP title track, he is just as earnest in his commitment to producing fast and unsparing techno. Following a cocktail of deftly layered drums comes the crackling of fireworks to signal take-off for a mercurial rush through a dark lunar journey dispersed by unearthly vocals, frazzling synths, and pummelling bass.

Up next, ‘My Mind’ wastes no time in thundering into gear with bruising intensity and little sympathy for those unprepared. VALENTINØ’s cerebral understanding of his craft allows for a distinct take on quintessential techno as off-kilter drum-breaks and eyebrow raising effects – such as the “surprise” – add oodles of character and dashes of colour to an otherwise shadowy soundscape.

It’s clear why VALENTINØ’ has been selected for the boundary pushing imprint’s next release as looks to further establish her already compelling reputation through ARTCORE’s artist roster.


Hailing from Catania, CHRS (born 1994) is a DJ, producer and sound engineer who has been shaping the techno landscape since 2008. His journey into the world of electronic music was sparked by his brother, who worked in Swiss clubs and introduced him to a myriad of arHsts who have leJ a lasHng imprint on both electronic and non-electronic music genres.

Over the years, CHRS has not only honed his skills behind the decks but also ventured into music production. The 90s, a defining era for music, greatly influenced his artistic style. His signature sound blends hard techno with psy nuances and trance elements from the 90s, all underpinned by a distinctive groovy undertone.

CHRS’s dynamic productions and captivating DJ sets have led him to perform at various prestigious international festivals and clubs. His notable appearances include Tresor West in Dortmund, Phase 2 Festival in Catania, With Love Festival at Afrobar, Industrie, and Glitch Festival in Malta, as well as Blackworks in Madrid, among others.

Presently, CHRS is a resident DJ for the With Love collective in Catania. He is at the forefront of PHASE 2, renowned as the premier Techno Event Series and Record Label in Italy. As its leading artist and Label Manager, CHRS continues to shape the techno scene, infusing it with his unique blend of rhythms and beats.


Lunatik is a Brazilian-Dutch DJ. Growing up playing classical music and being part of the dance music scene since early age, music has always had a big role in her life. Her mixes and sets are a blend of hard groove, trance, techno and acid sounds that perfectly describe the club scene she's curated for herself. With her musical knowledge and selection she is able to take the crowd on a sensual fun euphoric journey they will hardly forget.

Lunatik is a Brazilian-Dutch DJ. Growing up playing classical music and being part of the dance music scene since early age, music has always had a big role in her life. Her mixes and sets are a blend of hard groove, trance, techno and acid sounds that perfectly describe the club scene she’s curated for herself. With her musical knowledge and selection she is able to take the crowd on a sensual fun euphoric journey they will hardly forget.

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